Saturday, March 07, 2015

New Look...same circumstances

Went to the salon today to get a new look:

Me before.

Me after...yes, Willow HAD to get in the photo.  (She did not like the new hair color at first)

And...Willow took the phone...Hi Willow!

As usual, in our family, it seems that normalacy is extremely hard to maintain.  We are back on rollercoaster rides and I am getting very tired of them.  Why we cannot seem to get a break on certain things I am unsure.  I am happy that we have found a good school for Michael.  I am happy that Willow is reading anything and everything she encounters.  I just wish that we could get the rest of our life to stabilize.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

How Can He Be Sixteen!?!

Given the last couple of years, it has been nice to see Michael start to be happy again.  The transition to a new school, meeting some new people and friends, he is finding new hobbies and interests  and obsessions.  He still is having issues dealing with his frustrations and how to relate to people (the very definition of a teen with High Functioning Aspergers), but as he has grown from fifteen to sixteen, there is maturity starting to show through again.

Besides the physical changes--he is taller than me, he is starting to sprout a very light hair growth on his upper lip...the maturity into a young man is most startling to me.

Sometimes I can see my son...sometimes I feel like I am seeing the future unfold before me. Sometimes I wonder what the future will hold for him.  He wants to go to college.  Academically, that is not an issue--socially...he needs to learn how to learn new skills that will help him cope.  This is the main reason for the new school.

Michael turned sixteen last Saturday.  Today we had his birthday party.  Here is to SIXTEEN!

Functional decoration

Detail of Michael's cake

Table cloth detail.

Ready for the party!

Michael's cake!

Birthday boy!

After the party...


Yummy cake, called lil' Monkey (banana cake with filing)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yeesh! Enough with the Snow!

One of the reasons I like New England is the changes in seasons. I love summer, fall, winter and spring. They all have good things that they bring with them. But the last few winters...they have brought dread. 

And this winter started off so promising...and then...the SNOW CAME in WAVES. Fourth wave is coming tonight. We have not anywhere to put this snow. The streets and driveways are clogged and narrow. The subways and commuter rails are not running very well if at all. School snow days...we have had plenty!

And the cabin at MAXIUM, especially for Chewy.

We have Total Confusion next weekend, looking forward to being able to be in a hotel and do some gaming...and a swimming pool!

 Looking forward to Michael's birthday party...I have some surprises for him!

 If we can just get through this (fourth in four weeks) snowstorm...Chewy and I will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the day we met buy going out just the two of us to an italian steakhouse. Photobucket

Monday, February 02, 2015

#Microblog Monday: Mush Mind

Not sure what #MicroblogMondays is? Read the inaugural post which explains the idea and how you can participate too.  The newest #Microblog Monday Post is here.

We have had a LOT of snow days here.  Unfortunately, because of work situations, both Chewy and I have had to work from home too.  Which means that while we would like to say that the snow days have been times for educational and informational play time and quality time (and there has been that, don't get me wrong--there has been the many hours of reading and quiet play time, the few hours of the younger one out playing in the snow, while the teenager naps, board games and heart to hearts, etc.), a good portion of the last few days have been television/movie related.

We decided a few weeks ago that we, as science fiction geeks, had been re-miss.  We had earlier poorly introduced Willow to Star Wars.  Poorly meaning we had her watch it, her four year old self did not care too much and was not enthusiastically joyful enough and we stopped there.

So. We started with the old Star Wars trilogy.  She warmed slowly to it, but finally was interested.  And life was good.  BUT, we have Michael, who has to complete the cycle.  So, we also watched the next three movies (even Phantom Menace, a not as bad experience as it once was).  Now the children are obsessed with Star Wars (again).

We finished those movies in record time, so of course...what to watch today, the millionth snow day in a row...why, about five bajillion Gillgan's Islands! A new obsession has been born (again).

Of course I looked to see if there was a mash up of some type...

My brain is as mushy as the snow outside...please tell me normalcy (and school) will happen again.... school tomorrow...iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow and Summer

Lots of snow here and more snow to come...

So it is nice to see our time share week has been confirmed...

Ahh...being able to look at the resort and realize that the last week of June will be spent having fun in the sun...helps a lot.

Meanwhile, despite the snow, 2015 has started out pretty positive.  Michael is doing very well at his new school.  Chewy is working hard and getting praise for it (although a bit frazzled with the kids being around during the recent snow days).  Willow got a good progress report and she is progressing very well with her reading.

We have Total Con to look forward to at the end of February...

More importantly, Michael will be SIXTEEN on the 21st.  I have been planning a birthday party for him...even getting him a custom cake.  Universal Monsters will be the theme.

I hope that at some point he could maybe invite one of the kids from school...but we shall see (it may be too soon).

We have been having fun watching all the Star Wars movies with Willow.

We are all doing pretty well so far.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

There and Gone and Going On...

It just struck me this is over.  Hannukah too.  And I am a year older.   The tree and decorations are packed back in our basement, some of the presents have made it into circulation...I am not even sure where they are anymore.  The only left over of the holidays is the extra gallon of egg nog that I bought because I felt that I hadn't had enough (Willow drank the last big of it).

THAT went by fast!

Michael's first week at the new school went very well.  His counselor sent a glowing email update regarding his classes:

"The History fair is in full swing and Michael is working diligently on his topic of Ancient Egypt.  He has been working a good amount of time on his paper and is just starting his powerpoint presentation.  His history teacher is stating that he is doing all of his classwork and has not had any homework because of the fair."

"In Science this week they partnered up and had science experiments on finalizing the chapter on evolution.  They worked on tying their thumbs back and did labs on picking things up without their thumbs."
It was nice to hear about his classes so specifically, and to also hear from the counselor that he was transitioning very well to this new school and situation.

Chewy is starting to get into a real groove with his new job and so 2015 is starting off with transitions and positives...I am hopeful that this year will be better!


Friday, January 02, 2015

The Simple Things...

Willow's list of things she wanted to do with me today (we have it off, but Dad and Michael have work and school):

1. Cuddles (10 mins or longer)
2. Tickle fight (10 mins)
3. Play with toys (10 mins)
4. (on the other side of the paper and added later) Bath Time!

A neighbor friend came over, wanting Willow to play--but she wanted to spend time with me.

(Heel of mother, who has a cold and merely wanted to rest all day....well, darn it...we have things to do!!)  (and we did 'em and more)

Love this girl.